Martin Wall Artist Statement

Born in Liverpool Christmas day. Essentially self taught, although I took A level Fine Art in 2005/6 and received the highest mark in the UK. My background is mechanical engineering and production in the Oil and Gas industry. I work from my studio, a self built log cabin, working in a variety of media specialising in Acrylic on canvas. I also use digital photography and digital image making alongside my painting. I take my inspiration from many sources including the Norfolk landscape and the contrasting industrial oil and gas industry. I also enjoy Portraiture, Abstraction and Photography.

I love to view other artists’ work as this is always inspirational. All visual art forms can and should be viewed on different levels, some work warrants a more profound view point than others, just like the artists who have created it. Looking at an image created by another human being is like viewing their thoughts. We are all different this is why art is so exciting it is the closest thing to telepathy you can get.


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